Trapped in a time and place she didn’t want to visit, her only way home is to shape a legend.

Maryanne Warren knows Robin Hood is no hero.

He’s a thief and a murderer—his legend says it’s so.

When she’s forced back through time to medieval England, she must ignore what she knows and make him into something better. That’s the price of her ticket home.

But Maryanne shares an uncanny resemblance with the runaway fiancé of Rob’s greatest enemy—Sir Guy of Gisborne—and Gisborne soon comes calling to claim back his bride. Maryanne must fight him off and keep out of his way to stand any chance of completing her task and seeing her family again.

Gisborne doesn’t give up easily, and the more Rob teaches Maryanne about herself—and the more she realizes how much the poor need their new hero—the harder Gisborne fights to control her.

With Rob’s legend all but secured, Gisborne captures him and marches him to the gallows, leaving Maryanne a choice. Return to her own time and family or give up her freedom and marry Gisborne to save the only person who ever understood her.

Filled with action, suspense, mystery, and a slow-burn romance, OUTLAWED is not your traditional Robin Hood retelling. This young adult fantasy is dark, gritty and beautiful, and it will leave you asking for more.

“Oh my heart! Such wonderful storytelling and such a unique spin on one of the most beloved stories of all time. The author did a fabulous job and I do not regret the many hours I spent with these characters, not one bit!” –Amazon Reviewer