When the past haunts your dreams, how do you live in the present?

Just when Maryanne Warren made her choice—stay in the twelfth century with Robin Hood—she’s dragged back to live in her own time. She gets to hug her little brother, and she’ll never tire of long, hot showers, but the past haunts her.

Every night, Maryanne is plagued by terrifying dreams of the people she left behind: Rob’s friends with horrendous injuries; villages burnt and broken; Rob’s legend in tatters. And worst of all, Rob dying with an arrow through his back. They’re not just dreams, they're warnings. If she doesn’t do something, Rob will be dead within the month.

Saving him means returning to the past, and that has its own challenges. If her dreams are correct, Gisborne’s alive and he wants her dead. Maryanne must decide if she can say goodbye to her family forever, knowing that if she doesn’t find a way to stop Gisborne, Rob won’t be the only one who doesn’t make it to the end of the month.

The story continues in book two of the Sherwood Outlaws series, available now from Amazon. Click on the cover image or Amazon logo to find out more.