Bria Tremaine is queen of a kingdom she never knew she wanted, no longer anyone’s bonded mate, and happy about all of it.

She is.

What’s not to like about being queen?

She hasn’t seen Fergus in almost a year, and Jax, when he visits the Seelie Castle, might as well be a stranger.

One the eve of the Resolution—an Unseelie contest to find the crown prince a wife—Bria allows herself to see Fergus one last time. She spies on him via the little piece of black glass she hasn’t quite been able to throw away. And sees someone pour poison into his drinking glass.

With Jax unwilling to believe there is an enemy in the Unseelie castle, and Bria ever more certain of what she saw, she is left with only one option. Go to Unseelie and find the culprit herself. But she must remain far from Fergus, so their magic doesn’t join and cause their bond to regenerate. And she can’t let anyone discover her there, lest the Court of Light enact their blood promise and kill Fergus.

But both those things are more difficult than anticipated. Enemies are queueing up to bring Bria down, and even though she’s in disguise, Fergus seems as drawn to her as she is to him. As it becomes clear that someone wants both Fergus and Bria dead, Bria must decide if she will choose her next move with her heart, or her head. Then she must deal with the repercussions her decision brings.

KINGDOM OF FUTURE’S HOPE is the final book in the Royals of Faery series, and is filled with magic, power-hungry royals, a bad-boy prince and a slow burn romance. It will appeal to fans of Audrey Grey’s Evermore Academy series, and fans of Sarah J. Maas, Cassandra Clare and Holly Black.