Bria Tremaine’s life changed the moment she set foot in Faery six months ago. Back then she was a human healer, terrified of the powerful fae.

Now, she’s one of them.

She has magic she can’t control.

She has a bond with the Unseelie Prince, which is supposed to see them live happily ever after.

And she’s a Seelie princess, enemy of that same Unseelie prince.

Bria would happily return to her old life tomorrow and forget everything about Faery, including her bond with the handsome prince. Except Prince Fergus is locked in the Seelie Queen’s dungeons, and her own mother is missing, rumored to be working with the Seelie Queen to hurt Fergus.

Before she can return to her old life, Bria wants to rescue the prince from the queen’s clutches. But her effort to save him will pit Seelie against Seelie and mother against daughter, and Bria will have to choose where her alliances lie. With the woman who raised her and who she loves dearly, but who lied to her every single day? Or with the prince, who is her enemy but the only person in Faery she’d trust with her life?

KINGDOM OF TODAY’S DECEIT is Book Two in the Royals of Faery series, filled with magic, power-hungry royals, a bad-boy prince and a slow burn romance. It will appeal to fans of Audrey Grey’s Evermore Academy series, and fans of Sarah J. Maas, Cassandra Clare and Holly Black.

Start with Book One, Kingdom of Yesterday’s Lies.