Bria Tremaine is a princess without power.

She has next to no magic.

She has no kingdom.

And she has an aunt and a mother determined to take over all of Faery.

Bria will stop them, or she’ll die trying. But with Rhiannon and Aoife beating her at every turn, it’s going to take more than magic to rein them in. She’s going to need to use her best negotiating skills to bring both kingdoms together to fight.

But when doing so drives a wedge between her and Fergus, and with no guarantee they can rid themselves of Rhiannon, Bria will have to choose. Does she fight to keep her relatives from destroying a kingdom that isn’t hers, or does she fight for the prince who only loves her because magic says he must?

KINGDOM OF TOMORROW'S TRUTH is Book Three in the Royals of Faery series, filled with magic, power-hungry royals, a bad-boy prince and a slow burn romance. It will appeal to fans of Audrey Grey’s Evermore Academy series, and fans of Sarah J. Maas, Cassandra Clare and Holly Black.