The Wild Hunt killed her father.

The Unseelie King locked up her mother.

And a mask-clad fae as cruel as he is beautiful, dragged Bria out of the human realm and into the depths of Faery, a place where humans can trust nothing, especially their instincts.

It never occurred to Bria to question why the fae have taken such a macabre interest in her family, not until the masked fae suggests she’s hiding something. If she is, she doesn’t know what it could be.

What she does know is that she must help her mother get away from the king. And that means escaping the masked fae.

But evading him is so easy, she’s not sure she was ever really his prisoner. When his mask—spelled so no one can remove it—slips off at her slightest touch during her escape, it’s just another in a long list of questions she can’t answer.

He can, though. Bria’s instincts tell her the masked fae knows more about her than she knows about herself. And for the price of her hand in marriage, he’ll share that information and help free her mother. But can she trust him? Or is he working for the king, the man who stole her mother? Either way, if she goes back to him, she’ll get her answers. Which side of the prison bars she’ll be on when she gets them will depend on whether she trusts the right instinct.

With a nod to Cinderella and a slow burn romance, KINGDOM OF YESTERDAY'S LIES will appeal to fans of Sarah J Mass and Cassandra Clare, and lovers of fae royalty.