Into the Wilderness

by Sara Donati

This series, and in particular, this book, is one of my favorite ever. Into the Wilderness was the book that made me want to become a writer, because I wanted to make others feel what the author made me feel. I read this in paperback, before there was any such thing as a Kindle, and I read it non-stop. There were no cooked dinners in our house while I was reading this one. Take my advice and pick up a copy. You won’t be sorry. 


It is December of 1792. Elizabeth Middleton leaves her comfortable English estate to join her family in a remote New York mountain village. It is a place unlike any she has ever experienced. And she meets a man unlike any she has ever encountered—a white man dressed like a Native American: Nathaniel Bonner, known to the Mohawk people as Between-Two-Lives. Determined to provide schooling for all the children of the village, Elizabeth soon finds herself locked in conflict with the local slave owners as well as with her own family. Interweaving the fate of the Mohawk Nation with the destiny of two lovers, Sara Donati’s compelling novel creates a complex, profound, passionate portrait of an emerging America.

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