Rely on no one. Life’s better that way.

Until it’s not.

Robin of Woodhurst doesn’t need, or want, a family. His own cast him out years ago to live in the depths of Sherwood Forest with only his best friend. Now, at fifteen, he’s still nursing his need for revenge. Revenge he hopes will come at the end of his sword.

He certainly doesn’t need the traumatized ten-year-old his best friend rescued getting in his way. He tries not to care when he hears how the kid watched his parents die at the hands of one of the Sheriff of Nottingham’s soldiers. But his blood boils anyway.

Letting someone else into his life means opening himself up for the same pain he felt when his family cast him aside. He vowed he’d never feel that way again. Never mind that seeing the boy finally smile makes his day.

Rob finds the perfect opportunity to go after the soldier that killed the kid’s family, and he’s brave enough to do it. Might even get some revenge of his own at the same time. He never asked for the family he’s found, but now he must decide if he’s willing to risk their lives in his quest for justice.

This is Robin Hood’s life before he ever considered becoming a hero. Click on the cover image to get your copy.