To save her daughter's life, she must first risk it.

In the space of a few hours, Aoife Ridgewing’s life turned upside down. First, her father promised her infant daughter in marriage to their enemy, the cruel Unseelie King. Then her sister attempted to kill her.

Aoife’s still alive though, and so is her daughter, though no one knows it. They’re stuck on a beach at the edge of the kingdom with a choice to make. Return to their home where nothing has changed—Aoife’s daughter will still be ripped from her arms, and her sister still hates her. Or sneak away. Hope the search parties assume their bodies are lost at sea and leave Faery for good.

Aoife must cross the dangerous lands of the Unseelie King if she's to leave. And she can’t use her magic to hide—both her father and the king could track her if she does. It’s an impossible mission. If either man catches her, they’ll punish her harshly for running away. And they’ll take her child from her. But it's worth the risk. The freedom of her baby depends upon it.

The prequel to the Royal’s of Faery series, fans of Sarah J Mass, Holly Black and all things Faery will love these books.

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